One of the cornerstones of democracy is the right for people to vote, and one of the most secure ways to make a choice that is free from interference or coercion is through casting a secret-ballot vote.

Unfortunately, the so-called “Workplace Democracy Act” effectively eliminates secret-ballot elections for workers by replacing it with a deceitful practice called “card check.”

What the “Workplace Democracy Act” states:

If the Board finds that a majority of the employees in a unit appropriate for purposes of collective bargaining has signed valid authorizations designating the individual or labor organization specified in the petition as their bargaining representative and that no other individual or labor organization is currently certified or recognized as the exclusive representative of any of the employees in the unit, the Board shall not direct an election but shall certify the individual or labor organization as the representative described in subsection (a). [Emphasis added.] [WDA, p. 6]


Replacing Secret-Ballots With Card-Check Unionization
For unions, unionization through a process called “card-check” is the easiest—yet most deceitful—way workers can be unionized.

Why? Because unions are not legally required to be honest with workers when obtaining union-authorization cards.

Under several NLRB case precedents, unions are legally allowed to trick employees into signing union authorization cards.

Often, tricking employees into signing union authorization cards includes the making of false promises.

If union organizers (or their supporters) trick enough worker (50 percent + 1) into signing union authorization cards, the “Workplace Democracy Act” mandates that all workers are unionized within that bargaining unit–even those who never signed a union authorization card and may have never even known of the union’s existence.

Card check also subjects workers to union pressure tactics which often include tag-team organizing, intimidation, and harassment.

As importantly, employees are forced to “vote” for or against union representation in front of union organizers and their co-workers.

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