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  • After decades of decline, today’s unions are facing a bleak future.

    This is why union bosses are desperate for Washington politicians to pass a union bailout bill deceptively-dubbed the “Workplace Democracy Act.”


    Originally established as voluntary organizations, in the mid-20th Century, American labor unions became like big businesses, wielding much power throughout the U.S. economy.

    Although they reached their peak in 1945, when they represented 35.5% of the U.S. workforce, unions have been declining for the last 70 years.

    In the decades following World War II, as domestic and global competition entered the U.S. marketplace, American consumers’ choices were expanded, and many unionized firms faced hardship causing them to lay off workers.

    In many cases, due to automation, competition, as well as unrealistic union demands, thousands of unionized companies closed entirely and millions of union jobs were lost.

    As a result, the share of unions as a percentage of the American workforce has declined dramatically.

    Now, unions and those who manage them find themselves in a self-described “crisis.”

    Without the federal government enacting a union “bailout,” it is possible that many of the unions in existence today may simply go ‘out of business.’

    This is why unions are pushing their political allies to enact the deceptively-dubbed “Workplace Democracy Act”.

    In truth, the “Workplace Democracy Act” has very little to do with democracy and everything to do with rebuilding union membership ranks and union treasuries.

    We invite you to explore the different parts of the bill here and support our mission to inform Americans on how dangerous this union bailout bill is.


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